A Place Called Slaughter Race (From "Ralph Breaks the Internet")

From the Walt Disney Records/DisneyMusicVEVO YouTube channel.

A Place Called Slaughter Race is a song sung by Vanellope von Schweetz and Shank in the film Ralph Breaks the Internet about how Vanellope finds Sugar Rush too predictable and wants to stay in Slaughter Race. See also, the soundtrack for Ralph Breaks the Internet and In This Place.


Vanellope: What can it be that calls me to this place today?
This lawless car ballet?
What can it be?
Am I a baby pigeon sprouting wings to soar?
Was that a metaphor?
Hey, there's a dollar store!

Look! I'm rhyming!
My spirit's climbing!
As I'm called through this fog of mace
To this place called Slaughter Race!

Shank: Welcome back, watch your head.
Hate to see you wind up dead.
Thief: Let's get this party rollin'!
Vanellope: Is that appliance stolen?

Shank: We have-
Butcher Boy: Fallen wires!
Little Debbie: Dumpster fires!
Clown: Creepy clowns!
Felony: And burning tires!
Shank: That great white in the sewer
You'll be happy that you knew her!
Vanellope: Fin bump!

Shark: Dogs and cats, they sure taste great!
Dog #1: With a side of license plate!
Dog #2: Some find us deplorable.
Vanellope: Well I think you're adorable!
Shank: We may be a motley crew,
But our hearts ring true.
Tattoo Artist: And just for you a face tattoo!

Slaughter Race Characters: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
Slaughter Race!
Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Vanellope: My heart's in flight and wow, it's a blast!
Feels like my dreams are real at last!
Shank: No trace of a frown upon your face!
Vanellope: Flying so fast!
Shank: Setting the pace!
Vanellope: Living the life!
Shank: Loving the chase!
Vanellope: Now is the time!
Shank: Here is the place!
Both: This Slaughter Race!

Vanellope: I know I should go,
But home feels so slow.
These roads are paved with dreams.
Clown: Happy dreams, not creepy clown dreams.
Vanellope: What would Ralph say,
If it turns out I stay In this
Vanellope and Slaughter Race Characters: place called Slaughter Race?

Vanellope: In this place called Slaughter Race

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