"This is Beard Papa! The glitch is in the bakery! Get me King Candy!"
―Beard Papa calling the security

Beard Papa is the security guard of the Kart Bakery and a minor antagonist of the film. His job is to maintain order in the Kart Bakery, and make sure the place is left in perfect condition. He also is responsible for alerting King Candy and the police if Vanellope were ever to infiltrate the building. Most of his time, however, is apparently spent sleeping on the job and dreaming about cream puffs. 


  • Beard Papa is a cameo character who originated as the mascot of Beard Papa's, a renowned bakery franchise which started in Japan and is best known for its cream puffs and other pastries.
  • His voice actor, John DiMaggio, is also the voice actor of Jake the Dog from the television show Adventure Time, and Bender from the popular TV show Futurama.
  • When he is sleeping, puffy little Z's that symbolize his snoring rise out of him. 



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