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Bentley Bear is a character who makes a cameo appearance in Game Central Station and at the 30th anniversary party in Niceland. He is seen mingling with the other guests. He is a character from the game Crystal Castles by Atari.


Bentley Bear is a very short animal that resembles a teddy bear. He carries a satchel and wears a floppy green hat with a red feather. He has some hair hanging out the front of his hat, red boots with a white bottom, and he has blue eyes.


Not very much is known about Bentley Bear's personality in the movie, but in his game he is friendly. He also appears to be scared when Wreck-It Ralph smashes the cake as seen by the look on his face.


  • Bentley Bear is from the game Crystal Castles, in which he is the player character.
  • He was invited to the 30th anniversary of Fix It Felix Jr. which took place inside the Niceland Penthouse. He can be seen behind Ralph to the right after he says "My medal will make Felix's medals wet their pants!"
  • People at first thought that he was Deku Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask in Game Central Station. This may be because the first screenshots of the movie were very blurry.