"It's ALL good, man."
―Bobby Dunderson

Bobby Dunderson was a soldier from Hero's Duty who, with Ralph's help, escaped prison and game-jumped to Extreme EZ Livin' 2. He was eventually cut from the final film.


Bobby is a tall, slim man with well-toned arms and sharp facial features. He has shoulder length, wavy hair, accentuated by a sweatband. He also has facial stubble and a soul patch. Unlike the other soldiers on base, Bobby seems to dress very informally, preferring to wear a t-shirt, sleeveless jacket, and shorts. He tops his outfit off with a pendant around his neck.


Bobby is careless, cocky, and driven by hedonism; it is because of his inability to follow directions that he is so often sent to prison for insubordination. Nevertheless, Bobby is also very cunning and driven. He is able to read people with ease and manipulate them into doing his bidding. He sees an opportunity in Ralph, and acts as his friend to persuade him to bust them out of prison.

Bobby's disregard for the rules is further evidenced by his collection of cheat codes that he's amassed over the years. Even once he reaches the lax game of Extreme Easy Livin' 2, he is tempted to step over the bounds of the game's set code by using these cheats. 



  • Bobby eventually evolved into the character Markowski.[citation needed]
  • He refers to his friends as "bromigos", a portmanteau of "bro" and "amigo".
  • His last name, Dunderson, may be a reference to "dunce" or "dunderhead", both of which essentially mean "a stupid person". 
  • Early concepts for the character included naming him "Dimwitty Dunderson" and "Sergeant Dimwitty".
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