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The Candy Cane Forest is a forest consisting of pink and orange candy cane trees, pink chocolate truffles (or regular truffles), and ponds of green or pinkish-purple taffy with gumdrops in Wreck-It Ralph. It is located in the game of Sugar Rush.       


When Ralph flies out of Hero's Duty in an escape pod with a Cy-Bug, he darts into Sugar Rush against his will. He flies in, but the escape pod slides through the forest and gets stuck in a slice of mountain-cake in some frosting. The Cy-Bug inside manages to escape and sunk in a pond of pinkish-purple taffy before Calhoun and Felix arrive. Ralph finds himself in a forest made of candy canes and tries to recover his medal. He recognizes the place as "Sugar Rush," an apparently 'irritating' game based on how he was acting. Here was the first place he met Vanellope.                  

The light green and purple substance that both Ralph and the Cy-Bug falls in is taffy, as Ralph said it was the Taffy Swamp.



Ralph meets Vanellope



  • It's established that in the candy cane trees, the double striped branches 'break'. When grabbed, they make a loud noise and flash for a moment, before just vanishing. When Ralph and Vanellope are racing to the Hero Medal at the top of a tree, Ralph hits several of these branches. Each time, the branch only lasts about a second or two after he touches it before vanishing. However, he then falls from the tree and lands on a branch that is double striped and hangs from it. While doing so, he proceeds to have a full on conversation with Vanellope, for a relatively long time. Yet the branch does not vanish till after she walks away, despite previous ones having only a second or two of time before vanishing. To tell the different, a double stripe has two stripes close together, while a normal striple has them further away
  • There seems to be two areas of The Candy Cane Forest. One area with pink, red, and orange striped candy cane trees with taffy ponds and gumdrops, (this is the area crash-landed and the place he first met Vanellope) and an area with orange/purple striped candy cane trees with marshmallow leaves and Nesquick sand (this is the area where Felix and Calhoun fall in Nesquick sand on their search for Ralph).

Sugar Rush

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