Coily is one of Q*bert's enemies in the 1982 video game, Q*bert. The Q*bert game from Litwak's Arcade was unplugged, forcing Coily and the other Q*bert characters to reside in the Game Central Station.

He is a purple snake with orange eyes, a long red tongue, and long white fangs.

In the ending of Wreck-It Ralph, Q*bert and his enemies, including Coily, help out with the new "bonus levels" in the game Fix-It Felix, Jr. Coily also appears as a guest at Felix and Sergeant Calhoun's wedding.

In the Game

Coily is Q*bert's most persistent enemy, appearing in Stage 1-1 onward. Coily begins each stage as a purple ball falling and landing on the top of the pyramid, then bounding downward from cube to cube. After reaching the bottom edge of the pyramid, the ball hatches into Coily, a snake capable of springing upward or downward from cube to cube, doggedly chasing Q*bert in hopes of catching him. Even as an unhatched purple ball, Coily will cost Q*bert one life if either one comes into contact with the other.

Once Coily hatches, the only way to stop him from pursuing Q*bert is through use of the hovering discs which float near either side of the pyramid. Q*bert must stand beside a hovering disc, then wait for Coily to bounce and land on an adjacent cube. Q*bert must then immediately leap onto the disc, which will fly Q*bert to the top of the pyramid. Coily will then leap from the pyramid and into the space which is no longer occupied by Q*bert or the disc, after which Coily will plunge to his doom and award the player 500 points for defeating him. But victory over Coily is short-lived, as another purple ball will fall onto the top of the pyramid moments later.

As the number of hovering discs in each stage is limited, they should be used shrewdly and not wasted. Once the discs are all spent and gone, Coily will be free to hunt Q*bert without interruption for the rest of the stage.



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