Cornelius Cobb was an eccentric scarecrow farmer who owned the Candy Corn Maze in Sugar Rush. In early scripts of the film, Ralph and Vanellope had to win the parts of their kart by engaging in various minigames. Retrieving the engine from the center of the Candy Corn Maze was their first task.

However, Cornelius and the maze were ultimately cut from the final film due to script changes and time constraints.


Because he was never given a final design, his appearance differs somewhat in all his concept art. However, in all representations, Cornelius is depicted as a quirky and jovial anthropomorphic scarecrow. His body is stuffed full of straw and he generally wears scrappy work clothes such as overalls.

He is often accompanied by Black Licorice Crows, small blackbirds with candy-corn beaks.

Role in the Film

Cornelius Cobb presided over the Candy Corn Maze in Sugar Rush, an enormous labyrinth surrounded by tall stalks of candy corn. His job was to assist- or at times, impede- the racers who sought new engines for their karts, which were located at the center of the maze.

Black licorice crows.

In a deleted scene of the film where Vanellope, Ralph, and Felix head to the maze, King Candy has apparently taken on the guise of the farmer. Vanellope demands what he is doing there, and he responds with "Usually I don't preside over these challenges, but I wanted to make sure you had a fair shake!".

In sharp contrast, he proceeds to make every effort to sabotage Vanellope and company, including setting the Black Licorice Crows and Skittles the Uni-Candy-Corn on the group. What happened to the real Cornelius Cobb is unknown, but it is implied that King Candy took his place because he felt the farmer wouldn't try to stop Vanellope from racing.




Wreck-It Ralph Deleted Scene - The Maize Maze

The Maize Maze video, deleted scene.


  • Although he is a Sugar Rush citizen, only a few of his early designs hint towards his candy correlation.
  • He is the first "mini-game boss" Ralph and Vanellope encounter, the second one being Lady Go Go.
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