Deanna is a Nicelander within the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.  She wears plum colored clothing and accessories, including a floral dress, satin gloves, a flowered hat, and cat eye glasses. She is a big fan of Felix, such as asking him to join her on the dance floor at the anniversary party, but she clearly can't stand Ralph, especially when he mispronounces her name as "Dana". She is voiced by Rachael Harris.


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  • When Deanna begins to pull Felix onto the dance floor, she is wearing a shiny dress imprinted with leaves and flowers. When they take their places in the next shot, Deanna is suddenly in a plain pink dress, with no imprints. Then, although she remains on the dance floor for the entire shot, when Gene answers Felix in the very next shot, Deanna is suddenly beside Gene at the door, and she's back in the dress with the shiny imprints for the rest of the scene.

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