The Devil Dogs pick up Ralph's scent.

Devil Dogs are small cookie sandwiches that act as security dogs and work alongside Wynnchel and Duncan.


They resemble hot dogs, but with devil's food cakes instead of buns and a white creamy filling instead of a sausage. King Candy sends out his henchmen, Wynnchel and Duncan, with the dogs to search for Ralph when he escapes from his castle. They seem to be eager to please Wynnchel and Duncan, running after Ralph at full speed when Ralph escaped King Candy's castle.

Real Devil Dogs

They are the same as Drake's Devil Dogs, a classic snack cake made originally by the baking company Drake's and then later by Hostess.

Ironically, Hostess ceased operations in November 2012, shortly after the release of the Wreck-It Ralph film. This means that Devil Dogs are no longer being made. However it is possible that the rights to manufacture them (along with Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Ho-Hos, Zebra Cakes, etc.) could be purchased by another company in the future. They have made a triumphant return.


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