FPS Robot, also known as the First Person Shooter Robot, is a large telepresence droid in Hero's Duty. During gameplay, it represents the player and is used as the avatar for first person interaction.


FPS Robot has a large, flatscreen head that displays the player. It has two arms with "gloved" mechanical hands, and it travels on tank treads. Like the rest of the soldiers, it carries a large military machine gun and is covered in tough, metal plating.

Role in the Film

FPS Robot's first appearance in the film takes place when Moppet Girl begins her game of Hero's Duty. It passes by Ralph, who is disguised as Markowski, and as the game starts, it is guided by Moppet Girl into the fray. However, Ralph's interference in the game quickly turns things awry. In panic, he grabs the bot as a shield and a Cy-Bug smashes and bites at the screen, destroying its screen and ending the game. Furious at Ralph's interference, FPS Robot flails its arms at him and rolls off in a huff.



  • Initially, the First Person Shooter was planned to simply be a normal, human soldier with a monitor for a head.
  • John Lasseter wanted the character to be "as dorky as possible to contrast with the strong soldiers".
  • Despite its artificial intelligence and robot appearance, it clearly has emotions and a personality.
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