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Gumball Gorge is the first section of the Random Roster Race in Sugar Rush. In this stretch, there are giant gumball machines that release gumballs that try to smash the racers' cars. There are also several opportunities to get a power-up.

During the Random Roster Race, Swizzle Malarkey gets hit by a gumball, which destroys his kart, the Tongue Twister, much to the amusement of Adorabeezle Winterpop. Adorabeezle gets an Ice Cream Cannon and turns Jubileena and her kart, the Cherriot, into an A La Mode. When King Candy gets the power-up called Sweet Seekers, he hits Snowanna, Gloyd, and crashes Adorabeezle and her kart, the Ice Rocket, into a gumball machine, putting King Candy in fourth place.

Gumball Gorge, as well as the other race courses seen in the movie, all take place on a taffy track, which is a chewy stretch of raceway that weaves its way around the candy-coated paradise. This scenic route traverses all of the deliciously diverse environments that make up the Sugar Rush kingdom. It is also similar to the Grand Canyon in some ways due to its appearance and structure. While this area does not appear in Sugar Rush Speedway, this area can be seen on one of the tracks in the Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe. 

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