The Troops in Game Central Station

Hero's Duty Troops are the characters that combat the Cy-Bugs inside the game Hero's DutyThese troops are commanded by Sergeant Calhoun.

The troops are separated by ranks, such as "Marine". Very little is known about these ranks or the troops themselves. Two soldiers' names are mentioned in the film: Kohut and Markowski. Kohut is a Marine, and Markowski seems to be a normal soldier, but with a slight mental problem due to his tough role in the game.

The gamer is represented by the FPS Robot, a droid soldier that mimics the player's actions to give the game its first-person quality. The troops are explicitly told to "never interfere with the First Person Shooter."

Role in the film

The troops have the mission to kill and destroy all the Cy-Bugs, so the player can reach the tower, where the player can win a medal.

When Ralph enters Hero's Duty while wearing Markowski's armor, he interacts with some of the troops, which mostly helped him to win his medal.

One of the most important things that the troops have to do is never let a Cy-Bug get out of the game, which would be a disaster as Cy-Bugs are a considered a virus. It could cause an apocalyspe for the entire arcade.

During the wedding between Felix and Calhoun, the troops steady their weapons to patrol the ceremony to make sure to be prepared if any Cy-Bugs attack. This is due to Calhoun's previous wedding where a Cy-Bug busted through the window and killed her fiance.



  • All the troops wear armor, so they don't get hurt when they're fighting the Cy-Bugs.
  • Almost all of the men in the troops have names that start with M: Markowski, Marco, Maddox, and Mac. Kohut is one of the few exceptions.
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