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The Kart Bakery is where karts are made in Sugar Rush. It is presumed the other racers got their karts from here.

Plot in movie

Ralph and Vanellope, after making a deal to help each other, break into the Kart Bakery by having Ralph bust down the door. Vanellope explains how this is a kind of minigame inside Sugar Rush where the player gets to create their own kart. She and Ralph proceed to make a real kart just for her by selecting the correct ingredients with a tilting platform.

Then they bake the kart (using an air pump to maintain the perfect temperature), and finally decorate it with as many sweet toppings as possible. Ralph ends up breaking most of the equipment by his immense strength, and they finish making the kart (which ends up being a messy looking kart) just in time when Beard Papa wakes up and notices that they are in the bakery. He requests King Candy and Wynnchel and Duncan, who arrive at the Kart Bakery and they chase Vanellope and Ralph out. Vanellope reveals that she can't drive, so Ralph pushes the kart, with Vanellope in the driver's seat, to safety.



One Minute to Win It

Vanellope and Ralph Bake a Kart



  • During the kart-baking mini-game, the countdown clock evidently changes speed for no reason while off-screen, as it takes 24 seconds to go from 0:54 to 0:42, 11 seconds to go from 0:29 to 0:15, and 5 seconds to go from 0:13 to 0:12. Altogether, this "one-minute" game of apparently continuous action lasts 1 minute and 13 seconds from "Go!" to "Time's up!" (It just took those extra seconds to be able to show all of the action from all different perspectives so that simultaneous actions were not omitted).
  • The first (Mixing) sub-game strongly resembles the 8-bit-era game Cookie by Rare Ltd. (trading as Ultimate Play The Game); both involve sending the right ingredients into the bowl while rejecting the wrong ingredients.

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