"They're Laffy Taffy. They're attracted to whatever makes them laugh."
Fix-It Felix, Jr.

The Laffy Taffy are minor characters in Wreck-It Ralph. They're long, purple and yellow striped laughing vines that appear in the forests of Sugar Rush. They have large mouths with long pink tongues. They're based off of the candies that go by the same name. The Taffy vines are voiced by Terri Douglas.


The Laffy Taffy vines are attracted to whatever makes them laugh, and they appear to have a somewhat morbid and slapstick sense of humor. They express amusement and enjoyment when Calhoun repeatedly hits Felix to gain their attention to make the Laffy Taffy drop down. The Laffy Taffy are also capable of stretching themselves to incredible lengths, and as a result, they are able to reach down to the Nesquik Sand pit and save Calhoun and Felix from drowning. They are quickly scared off by Calhoun's gun firing after the two are saved.


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