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The Likkity-Split was a go-kart hand-made by Vanellope von Schweetz, in addition to being the first vehicle she owned in the events of the movie. The kart overall had a somewhat haphazard design and was powered by pedaling rather than having an engine. It was destroyed by the other racers of Sugar Rush. The first people to break it were Taffyta Muttonfudge and Jubileena Bing-Bing

The kart was made out of a sugar wafer bar, and the engine block was a green cake. The engine cover was a sugar cone, the sides of the kart were a half eaten s'more with a big marshmallow in the middle, and the tires were different types of cookies, except for a chocolate pretzel. The steering wheel was also a cookie. There was a horn on it and shiny candies on the engine that spun.


  • The recolors were the only racers that did not participate in destroying the Likkity-Split. This may indicate that the recolors are more tolerant of Vanellope and do not want to hurt her.
  • The Likkity-Split was the only kart that didn't run on a motor and engine, but instead on pedal-power, like a bicycle. This is because Vanellope had to make it herself from scraps in the junkyard.
  • The junkyard is the place where old and worn out karts go, perhaps indicating that the likkity split was a real kart at first, but got old and worn out, ending up in the junkyard.
  • Likkity Split is the only kart that runs on pedal power and the only kart that was not made in the bakery.
  • the Likkity Split is the weakest kart in Sugar Rush Speedway.
  • Taffyta Muttonfudge and Crumbelina DiCaramello are the only racers to discover Vanellope's Likkity Split at the track.
  • In the scene where the racers destroy Vanellope's kart, when the racers intercept her at the junkyard, some of them are in the wrong order. A few goofs were found: Where Adorabeezle was standing is where Minty should've been. Candlehead should have been where Rancis was standing, and when they were coming in, Minty arrives in front of Jubileena but a couple of shots later, we see Minty behind Jubileena.




Wreck-It Ralph "Likkity Split" Clip

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