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  • Lefty from Meet the Robinsons (briefly on the Fatal Assault arcade screen during the wide view of Litwak's arcade).





Namco Bandai

  • Skiers from Alpine Racer 2.

Midway (Netherrealm Studios)/Warner Bros.



  • Racers from Road Burners.


Data East

Square Enix/Sony/Universal/Harmonix

  • Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (Mentioned by Ralph).
  • Graffiti in game central station stating that "Aerith lives"(in reference to "Final Fantasy 7")




Possible Cameos

There are several characters designed for the film that resemble actual video game characters, but are unconfirmed and have their own original designs and appearance. In most cases, it is unknown whether the similarities were intended or if they are meant to be shout-outs to multiple game characters and genres.

  • GLaDOS from Portal (Mentioned only) (Incorrectly pronnounced as "Gladys")

(Note: The GLaDOS reference has been debated, but Valve has ackowledged and confirmed the reference.)

Deleted Cameos

Various characters were originally planned to appear in the film, as evidenced in early screenshots and concept art, but were ultimately left out of the final cut for unknown reasons.

False rumored cameos

These are characters that people believe to have seen in the movie while not actually being there. Most of these can even be found in many lists of cameos around the web.

  • Maximus from Tangled: a white horse in Game Central Station was rumored to be Maximus, but it's actually a generic white horse with no similarity to him other than its color. Oddly enough, in "The Gamers Guide", a special feature in the Blu Ray version of the movie that shows some of the hidden easter eggs, also highlights the horse.
  • Lian-Chu from Dragon Hunters: It was believed that he made a cameo, but a closer look shows that it is actually Vladimir from Tangled.
  • Sora from Kingdom Hearts: one of the sprites in the gameplay scene of Tapper was believed by many to belong to Sora. It was actually proven to just be one of the many generic cowboys in the game, only with matching colors to Sora. Had he appeared, Sora would've been the only Disney character originating from a Disney game to appear in the film, though a graffiti of his crown necklace appears in the portal to Sugar Rush.
  • Moogle from the Final Fantasy series: In one of the first renders of Game Central Station, some white and red shapes were believed to be Moogles with their pom-poms. The same image viewed in higher definition shows those shapes to actually be the shirts and pants of generic sport games characters.
  • It was believed that Deku Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask made a cameo, but a closer look shows that it is actually Bentley Bear from Crystal Castles.

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