Markowski is the soldier Ralph meets in Tapper's. Ralph first sees Markowski while looking for a medal in the Lost and Found. Ralph takes his uniform and goes into Hero's Duty to win a medal.

Markowski seems to have some psychological problems, because he runs into a wall and continues walking while repeating Hero's Duty's opening speech. This could just be the way he was programmed, he was probably drunk, or he was possibly suffering from extreme stress due to his game. However, he is seen trying to hide his fear of bugs, until he spots one on Ralph, freaking him out and causing him to run then slam into the wall.

After Ralph leaves Markowski unconscious and wearing Zangief's speedo in the Root Beer Tapper's game, he is not seen again until the wedding scene at the end of the movie, although Calhoun mistakes Ralph for Markowski on a few occasions since he is wearing Markowski's armor. He is among the soldiers standing guard for Cy-Bugs.

Markowski is a bald fair skinned man, the same as Ralph's height. He has brown eyebrows, and dark brown eyes. He wears a black helmet, and a red and black armor suit, with his name on the left.



  • Originally, Markowski was an entirely different character known as Bobby Dunderson.[citation needed]


  • "We've only been plugged in a week! And every day it's climb the building! Fight bugs! Climb the building! Fight more bugs!"

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