Maybe is a character that appears in Ralph Breaks the Internet. He is Yesss' assistant. This character wears brown round glasses with a red vest. There is a white shirt with a design of blue dots surrounding it under the vest. His hair color is darker than his skin tone, along with the eyebrows.

Role in Ralph Breaks the Internet

As of being Yesss' assistant, his role is to tell her weather or not a video is trending. When Ralph and Vanellope enter Yesss' office, she encourages Maybe to send the two out of her office. Instead of trying to send the two out, Maybe shows Yesss the video with 1.3 million hearts of Ralph in the Slaughter Race video game area in which Vanellope explains that Shank was the one who made the video to help the two earn money for a replacement of the steering wheel for Sugar Rush at Litwak's Arcade. When Ralph wants to be popular in the videos shown in BuzzzTube, Maybe shows Yesss the trending videos in BuzzzTube where Ralph decides to participate to earn more money. He later appears riding on a jet-like web browser while Yesss tells Ralph not to worry about Vanellope being sat next to Maybe while Ralph decides to continue the viral video plan as he and Vanellope leave while Yesss takes Vanellope to another site called "Oh My Disney". He is never seen again afterwards.


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