Minty Sakura is the Japanese version of Minty Zaki. It is not known why she was added to the movie and she seems to appear only in the Japanese version of the movie. Her theme seems to be Pocky.


Minty Sakura is a young girl with pale skin, rosy cheeks, a pinkish nose, and bright green, almond-shaped eyes. She appears to wear a deep cerise lip gloss. She has short, malachite green hair with classic fringe bangs across her forehead and two longer, layered bangs on either side of her face. She accessorizes with two raspberries and a pink, Japanese Pocky stick and wears her hair up in a chocolate-drizzled bun. The scrunchie also appears to be made of hard chocolate.

Minty Sakura wears a light raspberry kimono accented with pale fuchsia trimmings and a white obi sash. Her leggings are deep brown with pink polka-dots, and black boots with pink streaks on top. These parts of her design are identical to that of Candlehead


  • It's possible that Rich Moore tried to reference regional differences in video games as this is a common thing.
  • Like Minty Zaki, her fans are small, multi-colored anthropomorphic gumdrops. 
  • She, Vanellope, and Gloyd are the only racers whose ears are visible.
  • In the scene where they destroy the Likkity Split, Minty Zaki is seen instead of Minty Sakura.
  • Besides the Japanese version of the movie, Sakura also appears in the Japanese online version of Sugar Rush.
  • She is the only known Japanese racer.
  • It's possible she was intended to be a redesign for Candlehead. Some of this is evident in concept designs, where her pocky would be aflame, as well as outfit design. However considering that Candlehead had a bigger role than most of the racers, it's possible they gave the design to Minty Zaki to avoid changing the larger role.
  • In one scene, Sakura seems to replace Snowanna, possibly to showcase the character since Snowanna is front-and-center in the scene.
  • Minty Sakura's name is written in Japan as "ミンティ・サクラ"
  • Unlike Minty Zaki, she can be a playable character in Disney Crossy Road.


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