Mr. Stan Litwak (Del Litwak in Ralph Breaks the Internet) is a minor character in the Wreck-It Ralph franchise. He is the owner of the arcade where all the games are located. He has apparently owned the arcade for several decades, at least as far back as 1982. Mr. Litwak controls what games are plugged in and what games need to be unplugged (due to being broken or otherwise out of order). Mr. Litwak is a friendly person who wants to make sure that all his customers have a fun time.


Mr. Litwak is an older man with receding hair who wears brown pants with a white and black striped shirt, unlike a referee's shirt, as well as a quarter dispenser attached to his belt. He wears glasses and has brown hair with gray in it and a mustache. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, his hair has more completely grayed. He has blue eyes with slight dark circles under them.

Memorable Quotes

"What's the trouble, sweetheart?"

"Oh, boy. Looks like the game's gone cuckoo, like my nana."

"I'll have someone look at it in the morning, but if he can't fix it, it may be time to put old Ralph and Felix out to pasture. Like my nana!"

"Sorry, sweetie. Here's your quarter back."


  • Mr. Litwak's appearance and attire is a homage to Walter Day, the veteran video game referee and founder of Twin Galaxies.
  • It is possible that Mr. Litwak is at least somewhat conscious of the fact that the characters in all the games are living and not just programs, as some brief hints were given in the film.
  • Mr. Litwak is the only person seen who is always working at the arcade. It's possible that it's completely run by him and he just has people who help him out occasionally with bringing in and taking out games as well as repairing them (as he had to call in the repairman).
  • For unknown reasons, Mr. Litwak's name tag in Ralph Breaks the Internet reads "Del Litwak" (as opposed to "Stan Litwak" as in Wreck-It Ralph).


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