Danger! Nesquik Sand

"I almost drowned in chocolate milk mix!"

Nesquik Sand is a thick pool of chocolate milk mix located in Sugar Rush. It is based on the product "Nesquik" from Nestlè, a food and drink company that makes chocolate milk mix, syrups, and cereal.

In the movie, Felix and Calhoun almost drown in Nesquik Sand. Felix attempts to escape by jumping out, but is not able to due to the Nesquick Sand being thick and instead making him and Calhoun sink faster, like normal quicksand. Felix and Calhoun are rescued by Laffy Taffy after Felix has Calhoun hit him repeatedly, making the Laffy Taffy laugh and descend, enabling Felix and Calhoun to grab ahold to safety.


  • The name is a pun wordplay. "Nesquik Sand", spelled a different way spells "Nesquick Sand", referring to the fact that it was sandy and Felix and Calhoun were drowning in it.
  • Just like normal quicksand, when Felix struggled, he only sank faster.
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