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One Sweet Race is a tie-in Wreck-It Ralph storybook written by Elle D. Risco and illustrated by Brittney Lee. It is set sometime following the events of the movie and focuses on the Sugar Rush racers, particularly Rancis Fluggerbutter and Vanellope von Schweetz.


Explore the charming video-game world of Sugar Rush, from Disney Animation Studio's latest film, Wreck-It-Ralph. This jacketed picture book features an original story about the film's spunky heroine, Vanellope von Schweetz, as well as illustrations by one of the artists who worked on the film.


"Rancis Fluggerbutter wants to win a Sugar Rush Cup more than anything. Maybe a fancy new kart would help him zoom past the other racers. Or maybe all he needs is a little help from his friend Vanellope. . . . Featuring charming artwork from one of one of Wreck-It Ralph's visual development artists, this engaging story interweaves candy-coated racing action with a tale of friendship."
―From the front dust jacket flap


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  • The book makes a point in saying Rancis has never won a race, but in the movie, he is shown paying to enter the Random Roster Race with a gold coin, which racers can only earn from having won first place in the past. This is unequivocally explained by King Candy: "The fee to compete is one gold coin from your previous winnings; that is, if you've ever won, which I have!"
    • However he may mean if a racer finished the race somewhere in the 1st-9th positions in the Random Roster Race.
  • In the book, Candlehead is referred to as Minty. This may because the book was published before the final screenplay of the film was written and Candlehead and Minty became two seperate characters or were renamed.
  • It's unknown if Rancis owned the Kit-Kart during these events. If Rancis did own the Kit-Kart during the events of One Sweet Race, Rancis may have not used the kart due to its low speed.
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