Q*bert was the protagonist of the 1982 video game of the same name before it was unplugged in Litwak's Arcade. Since then, he has been seen homeless in Game Central Station along with past enemies Coily, Slick, Sam, and Ugg.

Q*bert only speaks in Q*bertese, a collection of electronic sounds accompanied by speech bubbles displaying a string of symbols, though he does seem to understand English. The only arcade game characters he knows well are Ralph, who generously shares with him a cherry he smuggled out of Pac-Man, and Felix, who can actually communicate in Q*bert's native language, though Felix stated that it is a "little" rusty. Felix talks with Q*bert when he arrives in his game asking about Ralph's whereabouts.  

Q*bert is the first to be made aware of Ralph game-jumping when Ralph accidentally trips over him en route to Hero's Duty and he immediately journeys to Fix-It Felix, Jr. to alert Felix and the Nicelanders. By the ending, Q*bert and his enemies help out with the new bonus levels in Fix-It Felix, Jr., Felix riding on Q*bert's back, and in return, Felix and Ralph work together to build homes for the new residents next to the Niceland apartments, while Coily, Slick, Sam, and Ugg help Ralph wreck the penthouse. He also appears as one of the guests at Felix and Sergeant Calhoun's wedding.

Official Bio

Q*Bert: Unplugged
"Q*Bert, whose game was long ago unplugged, spends most of his time in Game Central Station, the travel hub for all arcade-game characters—and the unfortunate "home" to those whose games are over."


Q*bert is a small, round, orange creature with a short tubular elephant-like nose. He has two slender legs connected to his torso. Q*bert does not have any arms.


  • Of all the licensed video game characters in the film, Q*bert has the most amount of screen time.
  • He appears in the credits in his own game, but it is unplugged.



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