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Rancis Fluggerbutter is a character from the game, Sugar Rush. He is voiced by Jamie Elman. His theme is based on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, and Hershey kisses. His signature kart is the Kit-Kart (a play on of "Kit-Kat"). In Sugar Rush Speedway, both he and Adorabeezle Winterpop are unlocked by completing the third track, Frosty Rally.

Official Bio

Rancis Fluggerbutter: Love Thy Self
"This blazer-wearing boy wonder likes looking in the mirror almost as much as he likes racing. Rancis Fluggerbutter may look like a party on the outside, but he's all business on the inside. He has bright eyes and even brighter ideas, which are reflected in his smooth racing techniques."


Rancis is a young boy with fair, freckled skin, rosy cheeks, bright blue eyes, and deep blonde hair styled into an upward cowlick. He wears a brown Reese's hat and brown blazer over an orange shirt with two yellow stripes on it, brown pants, and chocolate brown shoes which have a chocolate syrup rim. His blazer has peanut butter-colored accents on the sleeves. For racing, he wears a chocolate and peanut butter helmet with a yellow visor.


During the movie, Rancis works closely with Taffyta Muttonfudge and Candlehead. He is implied to be vain as shown by his official bio and a scene in which he can be seen checking his reflection in the mirror of his kart.

In One Sweet Race, Rancis is described as tired of being overshadowed by Taffyta in races and being made fun of by the other racers. When he is determined, Rancis takes drastic measures to get what he wants accomplished. He went as far as selling all of his possessions to invest in a high-quality kart to ensure the winning of a Sugar Rush Cup. His kart was RV1 in One Sweet Race.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Huh? ...It's the Glitch!"
  • "Yeah, those were just jokes!"
  • "She's the princess?"
  • "Come on, little engine! I picked you just for this!" (One Sweet Race)
  • "I'm sorry you didn't win this time, Taffyta."


  • Rancis's original name was Peterbelly Buttercap. His fans' stands still say "Buttercap" along the bottom.
  • His racing kart is supposed to represent an off road kart typically those seen in Pro buggy racing during the 80s.
  • He is one of three male Sugar Rush racers (the others being Gloyd Orangeboar and Swizzle Malarkey).
  • His plush is buttered rum scented.
  • His fans are anthropomorphic chocolate peanut butter cups.
  • In the Vietnamese version, Rancis has a female voice actor instead of a male voice actor.
  • Rancis's helmet has ridges going down the sides in the online game, but in the movie it is striped with yellow rings instead.
  • The very different shape of his hat makes Rancis the most conspicuous character to be seen racing without a helmet in early trailers and official artwork (which indicates the helmets were among the last designs to be decided).
  • His last name sounds very similar to Torvald's last name, Batterbutter.
  • In his concept art, instead of a jacket with a collar, he has a hoodie jacket.
  • His kart's name is a reference to Kit Kat bars.
  • Out of the three boys, Rancis is the only one with speaking lines.
  • In both the Dutch dub and Russian dub of the movie he is referred to as a girl, though in the Russian dub he retains a masculine voice.
  • In the English audio description for the movie, Rancis, Taffyta, and Candlehead are collectively referred to as 'the girls' in the racing scene. This may be because audio descriptions are often concise to allow for dialogue to be heard and more information to be given as scenes change.
  • Rancis's kart in toy form has lines over the wheels for the kart to run smoothly.
  • He can be a playable character in Disney Crossy Road.


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Names in Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic رندا زنداويا
Ran-dah Za-na-da-weeah
From "زبدة" (butter)
Bulgarian Рансис Маслесгий/ Рансис Маслогуш From "масло" (butter)
Chinese 甜心福乐奶油
tiánxīn fú lè nǎiyóu
From "甜心" (sweetheart), "福乐" (full of/with) and "奶油" (cream)
Croatian Rolada Zukerpeker From "rol" (roll)
Dutch Renske Roombooter From "Roombooter" (Creambutter)
Estonian Pähkel Võiganache From "pähkel" (walnut), "võiga" (butter) united with "Ganache" (has the same meaning)
Finnish Rancis Voipino From "voi/voita" (butter)
French Jean-Hubert Lingot From "Berlingot", a french hard candy.
Hebrew ראנסיס ריבת חלב
r'nsys rybt chlb
From "ריבת חלב" (condensed milk), or just "ריבת" (jam) and "חלב" (milk)
Hungarian Rakott Fánkkarika From "rakott" (casserole), "fánk" (donut) and "karika" (ring)
Icelandic Smáfríður Smjörbolla From "smjör" (butter) and "bolla" (cup)
Japanese ランシス・フラッガーバター
Ranshisu Furaggābata
From English name
Korean 랜시스 프러거버터
Laensiseu Peuleogeobeoteo
From English name
Latvian Rensiss Sviestiņš From "Rensiss" (came from original "Rancis") and "sviests" (butter)
Norwegian Harry SmørreBørre "smøre" (butter)
Polish Drażan Truflinienko From "drażetki" (dragée) and "trufli" (truffle)
Brazilian Portuguese Rancis Arroz-Doce "Arroz-doce" (sweet rice)
Romanian Brioşica Dulcica From "brioşă" (muffin) and "dulce" (sweet)
Russian Сласта Коврижевска From "Сладость" (sweetness) or "сладкий" (sweet) and "Коврижка" (russian honey-cake)
Slovak Rancis Burákova From "burský oriešok" (peanut)
Slovenian Krofi Mehkoputer From "krofi" (donuts) or "krof" (donut) and "mehka" (soft)
Swedish Pektin Polkapulka From "Pektin" (pectin) and "pulka" (sledge)
Ukrainian Ренсіс Батончикер "Ренсіс" is a tranliteration for "Rancis" and "Батончик" (chocolate bar)

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