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An example of a random roster race

The Random Roster Race is a race that all the Sugar Rush racers have every night after the arcade closes. Because Sugar Rush has a "New Racers Daily" feature, when the arcade closes, all the Sugar Rush Racers race to determine who will be in the roster the next day. 

The first nine racers to cross the finish line will be the ones who appear on the roster for the next day. All the Sugar Rush racers must pay a price of one gold coin (which can be earned when the racers have a previous winning) to be allowed to participate in the race. 

The race seems to be across a few of the Sugar Rush racetracks. Throughout the race, there are tricks and obstacles such as cherry bombs, narrow areas, and gumballs, and the racers must work to avoid them. For instance, to avoid being hit by the gumballs, the racers have to swerve out of the gumball's path to avoid being hit; one of the racers, Swizzle Malarkey gets hit by a gumball and goes backwards.

Known tracks/areas in the film 

Names in this section are extrapolated from other media such as books, tie-in games, video games in general, or the screenplay.

  • Gumball Gorge (the area with gumball machines in the Roster Race)
  • Cakeway (the layer cake in the Roster Race)
  • Frosty Rally (the ice cream area in the Roster Race)
    • Pages from the art book reveal that this area may have initially been named Soft Serve Speedway
  • Unknown track (Nougat Mines according to descriptive video and screenplay)

Status of the racers

Hit by a gumball

Hit by an Ice Cream Cannon ("A La Mode")

Hit by Sweet Seekers

Vanellope passes

Fell into a giant cupcake

Kart crashed because of Cy-Bugs

Interrupted by Cy-Bugs

  • Vanellope von Schweetz



  • During King Candy's speech, when the rosterboard is filled, Sticky's name or icon is present, but when camera pans to the start line, Sticky is not present; there are only 14 racers in the race before Vanellope arrives. Nevertheless, although she is not seen racing, the board later shows the racers' positions on the map with 16 dots, meaning Sticky must have joined the race at some point.
  • After Taffyta, Rancis and Candlehead fall into the giant cupcake, the viewer is not shown whether any other racers were able to reach or pass this point.
  • A marshmallow puts Adorabeezle back on the course after she is knocked off by King Candy's Sweet Seekers.

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