Sam is the younger brother of Slick. He is an enemy in the 1982 video game, Q*bert. Like his brother Slick, he is a small, green gremlin.

In the Movie

Due to his game being unplugged, he and the other Q*Bert characters reside in the Game Central Station, as seen in the beginning of the film. In the ending of Wreck-It RalphQ*bert and his enemies help out with the new "bonus levels" in the game Fix-It Felix, Jr. He is a villain along with Ralph and the other villains from the Q*bert game.

In the Game

Sam and Slick are considered antagonists in that they revert cubes to their original colors by jumping on them, thus undoing Q*Bert's work at changing all cubes to a certain color to complete the pyramid and the stage. Unlike the three other antagonists, Sam and Slick cannot harm Q*Bert, yet Q*Bert can stop Sam from his color-changing mischief by jumping on him, earning 300 points in doing so.



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