"Wanna get rich playing video games?!"

J.P. Spamley is a character in Ralph Breaks the Internet. He is a netizen residing in the Internet that works as a pop-up advertiser.

Official bio

"J.P. Spamley is an oft-ignored click baiter, a Netizen who tries to get people in the real world to visit his website. A relentless salesman who pops up uninvited, Spamley helps Ralph and Vanellope as they navigate this new world of the internet in an effort to save Vanellope’s game."


J.P. Spamley is a living spam algorithm that acts akin to a salesman; he spends his days trying to promote easy ways to earn money by playing video games to net users. Spamley is not very successful in his field, however, as he is often either ignored or confronted by pop-up blockers; his abysmal living condition in comparison to more successful netizens like Yesss is a testament to this.

Spamley is often accompanied by his sidekick, Gord, who uses his extendable arms to help promote Spamley's business.


While he may seem obnoxious and shifty at first, Spamley is actually a genuinely friendly netizen who is just doing his job. He takes a keen interest in Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz and wants to help them reach their goal of earning money so that they can get their Sugar Rush steering wheel. Spamley further sympathizes with Ralph when he admits that he is afraid of losing Vanellope. While his actions are questionable, he is a nice and sometimes helpful person.

Role in the film

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J.P. Spamley first appears as a pop-up promoting about how video games can get people rich. When Ralph and Vanellope meet him by the plaza at eBay, Spamley offers his help so the duo can choose a game.

Vanellope agrees to find Shank's car in Slaughter Race, and Spamley lets her and Ralph go to that game and complete the mission.

After Ralph has paid eBay for the Sugar Rush steering wheel, Spamley helps Ralph rescue Vanellope after she said she wanted to stay with Shank in Slaughter Race, and Gord leads them to the Dark Net, where Spamley introduces Ralph to Double Dan, who powers up an "insecurity virus" to slow down Slaughter Race.

After the Ralph virus clones dissolve, Ralph begins to fall. Spamley attempts to catch him in his vehicle, but Ralph simply falls right through it instead.


  • Spamley's name is a portmanteau of the word "spam" and the name "Stanley".
  • Spamley shares his voice actor with Fear from Disney/Pixar's Inside Out.


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