―Surge Protector

Surge Protector is the security officer in Game Central Station. One of his jobs is to perform random security checks, and inspect if people have smuggled items out of games that do not belong to them. However, his inspections hardly seem random considering he seems to be biased against Ralph, stopping him every time he goes from game to game. (This may not be unfounded, though, as Ralph always seems to be the one attempting to bring cherries out of Pac-Man to give to the homeless Q*bert characters. Or perhaps the Surge Protector is wary of characters who are considered bad guys in their respective games).

However, Surge Protector doesn't seem to have much pride or enthusiasm in his work, and doesn't even to bother to look up much of the time when interrogating a suspect.

Surge Protector is seen a few times throughout the movie; he stops Ralph with a random security check twice on his way back to Fix-It Felix, Jr., and he passes by Ralph during the Hero's Duty sequence. When Ralph escapes in a shuttle and flies around Game Central Station, Surge Protector can be seen with the other characters ducking for cover. He also appears during the credits in 8-bit form, spraying graffiti on the walls.

Surge Protector's origins are never specified in the movie itself. However, a surge protector is a real life device designed to protect electrical devices from voltage spikes.


Surge Protector is bright glowing blue.

Official Bio

Surge Protector: The One with the Clipboard

"With the duties of a high school hall monitor and the officiousness of a mall rent-a-cop, this straight-laced civil servant is more hassle than help. But electrical voltage spikes are no laughing matter."


Surge Protector: "Name?"

Ralph: "Lara Croft!"

Surge Protector: "Name?"

Ralph: "Wreck-It Ralph!"

Surge Protector: "And where are you coming from?"

Ralph: "Uh, Pac-Man!"

Surge Protector: "Did you bring any fruit with you?"

Ralph: "No. No, no fruit!"

Surge Protector: "Okay then. Where are you heading?"

Ralph: "Uh, Fix-It Felix, Jr."

Surge Protector: "Anything to declare?"

Ralph: "I hate you."

Surge Protector: "I get that a lot. Proceed."



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