The Root Beer Tapper's arcade cabinet.

Tapper's is one of the arcade games in Wreck-It Ralph. It is a bar that serves root beer to other characters in the arcade, and it is tended to by the bartender, Tapper. Ralph frequently visits the tavern to drown out his sorrows, hang out, and get advice from Tapper, who appears to be a close friend of Ralph's. It is here that he eventually meets Markowski, who is supposedly tipsy on root beer (as a reference to actual beer), and begins his game-jumping adventures. 

Tapper, as well as Root Beer Tapper, are real games released by Bally Midway in 1983. 

Background in Litwak's Arcade

As shown in the movie, when the arcade is closed, many characters like to go to Tapper's to have a drink, or like Ralph, to just hang out. Tapper is always happy to mingle and serve the patrons their orders.


  • Many characters appear to use Tapper's as their hangout spot, and several cameo characters are seen in or reference the bar: Ryu and Ken Masters mention it in the "Closing Time" scene, and Sonic the Hedgehog makes a brief appearance there as well.
  • Felix implies that Ralph spends a large amount of his time at Tapper's, and mentions Ralph passing out in Tapper's washroom. (again)
  • Tapper's is right next to Sugar Rush (as seen when King Candy clears the roster list for the New Racer's Daily feature). On the console's view, it is also seen next to "Undead Apocalypse 3."
  • King Candy possibly visits Tapper's frequently as well, as seen when he enters the Konami Code, which is written on the back of a Tapper's napkin.



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