• hi , i'm amberiane and i'm here to improving this wiki i really like wreck it ralph but the thing is be an admin here i'm here to improve articles stoping vandalisme and spammer

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    • hey?

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    • I got your other message. I've just been really busy lately (and kind of frazzled so less responding to people).

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    • ?

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    • I figured you said "hey" because I hadn't said anything to your first message in this thread.

      ...Hi? XD

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    • i'm just wondering if , you accepting if i'm admin i'm here to improving some articles

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    • Unfortunately, no. I don't make people admins unless they're established users who have shown they can do good work, and they want to take on the responsibility. (In fact, I've never made anyone an admin, because even when I thought they were good, I didn't know if they wanted the responsibility.)

      You obviously want it, but so far you've only made two edits to articles: one (back in March) looked like a test edit and I reverted it, and the other had good information (though it did need copyediting) but it's only your second total article edit.

      Also, I'd probably want to know that you have a need for the tools. Admin tools really aren't really that exciting. (For example, Wikipedia compares admin tools to janitors' supplies, and their admin symbol is a mop over their logo.) Admins get access to special user rights/tools, including but not limited to:

      • Blocking users from editing
      • Protecting pages so that certain broad groups of editors can't edit them
      • Turning wiki features on and off
      • Deleting articles
      • Editing parts of the interface
      • Editing the theme
      • Modifying abuse filters
      • Rollback (a special fast-revert button for certain edits)
      • Editing fully protected pages

      Considering I myself barely need these tools right now due to the wiki not being extremely active, I don't see a good reason to just give them to someone else who hasn't made many edits yet. Maybe in the future, if you make good improvements, but... I just don't think giving you access to a bunch of powerful tools is a good idea when you might not even need them and I don't know yet how you'd handle them. Sorry.

      You can definitely help improve the wiki, though, if you'd like. You don't need to be an admin to do it!

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    • oh

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    • Amberiane
      Amberiane removed this reply because:
      13:41, April 28, 2018
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    • [[Sonic all star racing transformed|looks]]

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    • A FANDOM user
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