• Can you delete the 'Sonic And All Stars Racing Transformed' page and message Amberiane that its not Wreck-It Ralph related?

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    • Wreck-It Ralph appears in the game, so it could be considered Wreck-It Ralph related (which is why I copyedited it (i.e. fixing the grammar and sourcing and moving it to the right title) instead of immediately deleting it), but I'm not sure if it's Wreck-It Ralph related enough to have its own page? (That is, we don't need to cover everything about the game, but the WIR stuff we could cover is very small.) Like maybe it could share a sort of list page with other games that aren't really directly about WIR but include its characters like Crossy Road, that new Disney Heroes thing, Disney Magical World 2... maybe we could even loop Infinity into it? (Infinity's page is currently a really short blurb, a list of all the characters in the game, and several screenshots/product images. It probably could be shortened and merged into a list.)

      That article set me off thinking about what to do even before it was created (i.e. when Amberiane posted the blog post about it before they made it), but I didn't actually figure out what should be done before it was created.

      TL;DR: I'm still thinking about what to do. But it's possible I'll end up doing something in the middle (i.e. deleting or moving the article but keeping its information as part of a new list article of some sort). I... might have an idea of what I'll do by the end of the day, if the job application I'm planning to submit won't take too long. (Actually I have to go to the store, too, but I can technically think about it while I'm there. XD)

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    • Okay I see. I Never knew Ralph appeared the game.

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