TobiKomi is a fictional arcade game company that developed Fix-It Felix, Jr. and Sugar Rush.

As seen at the end of the film, with the credits, it states the developer of the Fix-It Felix, Jr. machine was Tobikomi of America, Inc.

In Ralph Breaks the Internet, it is revealed that TobiKomi became defunct long before the events of the first film, causing replacement parts (such as the steering wheel) to be largely unavailable and expensive due to their rarity. This also means the Sugar Rush franchise now seems to have been either disappeared or bought by another company.


  • Target Bravo (seen in one scene) has the TobiKomi logo on it.
  • Tobikomi is an obvious reference to the company Nintendo.
  • Although not specified, it's presumed Turbo Time and Hero's Duty are also produced by the company. Hero's Duty in particular was developed by Wreck-It Studios, the name of which suggests a connection to TobiKomi.
  • TobiKomi is a Japanese name which means "to jump" or "to dive".
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