The TurboTwins were identical twin NPCs (Non Playable Characters) who raced against Turbo in the game of Turbo TimeIt is currently unknown if the two managed to escape their game when it got unplugged, but they are presumed dead as they are never spoken of in Wreck-It Ralph or seen in Game Central Station.


The TurboTwins were men that were completely identical to each other. They looked like Turbo. However, their eyes were smaller than Turbo's and they lacked the dark bags beneath them. They also appear to have no nose. Additionally, the twins had a triangle shaped body, Turbo was somewhat proportioned had a pear shaped body. The twins wore dark blue helmets, with a white streak in the centre, and they wore a dark blue jumpsuit.

In the app, there were 3 more TurboTwins. One twin wore a blue jumpsuit and helmet, one wore a green jumpsuit and helmet, and one wore a yellow jumpsuit and helmet.



  • Contrary to popular belief, the twins and Turbo are the same height.
  • Assuming from the concept art of Turbo, it is likely that the twins are programmed with no hair beneath their helmets since the concept art shows Turbo with no hair.
  • In the online and app version of Turbo Time, the twins appear with white eyes and teeth and a different outfit. It also seems that the app version has two more TurboTwins that are yellow and green.
  • Some fans believe that the twins lived, but they were just never seen or mentioned.
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