I devised personal CSS for this when I noticed it on another wiki, and I didn't realize it was here until I was analyzing a certain page's weight (I can't use the wikitext size alone since the page is mostly images) and the screenshot had a featured video. (For the particular page I was analyzing, a video would make the page load times even worse. (As evidenced by the fact that when I disabled my CSS style that hides them, the page instantly not just slowed but stuttered hard.) So ugh.)

Really really didn't need more ammo for the "we should probably switch hosts, subsection: we have no control" file, because there's presumably no mechanism for wiki-wide removal of those videos permanently because it probably violates the TOS to hide it for everyone. For some reason.

I'm really mostly angry because "autoplaying videos the wiki admins and users have no ability to change, edit, adjust the position of, or remove" is nearly universally a bad idea, but there's also the part of me that thinks this is a one-step-forward, two-steps-back thing for every infrequent attempt I (or other admins, or helpful users) take to try to make this wiki more "professional" (that is to say, more like an encyclopedic resource for the films, less like an indiscriminate-inclusion fansite).

Also angry at myself, because having them hidden this whole time means I have no idea how long they've even been around.

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