Monobook is being trashed by Wikia due to regulations that go into place on Friday.

I can't use the default skin long-term (my computer hates it and my disability hates it), so I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to be doing when I don't have Monobook to use. (Also, it means I can't use HotCat anymore. At all. I'd grown attached. Darn.)

Worst case scenario is that you see me way less, which I really don't want to be the case with the movie coming up.

I guess the best case scenario is finding a way to fudge my personal CSS/JS into a Monobook mimic somehow (like how some wikis have made their Monobook skin mimic MediaWiki's Vector skin), but second best case is they actually provide a usable skin.

*yells and throws something at a wall*

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