(Announcement will stay live until the migration is over, may stay live after as well)

You might have noticed the banner on this wiki. It's an indication that this wiki will soon move to UCP. Unfortunately, my test wiki that I specifically volunteered for migration to get my bearings in prep for this wiki eventually migrating has not been switched to UCP ahead of this one so I'll be flying by the seat of my pants for a little bit, probably, trying to figure things out. Some of UCP I will already be familiar with (because some parts of it are just core parts of newer versions of MediaWiki, so I've used them places like Wikipedia), but some I may have to get used to (i.e. changes to extensions that needed to be rebuilt for the upgrade, any changes to admin tools that might be core parts of the software but could have changed in some way, etc.).

Here are feature losses I know will still be true that could affect this wiki's users:

  • Special:WikiActivity (they're looking into ways that they could bring similar functionality for some people who used WikiActivity in weird ways, but at present the feature is going bye-bye)
  • Special:Chat (they're advocating Discord as a replacement; I am not starting and moderating a Discord server, sorry... we're just going to lose Chat :P)

Here are features that I might turn off if they do not meet specific needs:

  • User Message Walls (if these do not meet specific functionality needs they need to continue serving (some wikitext will not be usable, as message walls are built with the Discussions framework), they will be turned off in favor of traditional talk pages; this may get some amount of community discussion allowed, but in the end it will be up to admin discretion because IMO functionality ranks as more important)

You can read more at Help:Unified Community Platform if you're interested in more feature changes or the nitty-gritty of why.

I, for one, am excited we're soon going to be on a version of MediaWiki that's not eight years out of date! o.o

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