I was exploring some special pages and ended up on a hidden category that listed off pages with broken file links... and came to find out a video I never deleted stopped existing. I can't tell what exactly is going on--the entire video page is gone, which doesn't happen with videos that just have been removed from YouTube (that is, the video no longer works but our file page for it continues to exist). The only thing I can guess right now is that these videos were from Wikia's video library, which might mean the page was their doing, but I haven't examined far enough to know for sure. Just wanted to let everyone know, so that if you notice a video is all of a sudden a bad link (or some areas of the home page look odd), you might know what is going on. I'm going to snoop and see if there's a way to bring these back, but I'm not sure...

EDIT: Sweet mother of monkey milk. This is worse than random. The amount of formatting in this paragraph should be an indicator of only a fraction of how what the heck I'm feeling right now. There are articles missing whole sections of videos! o_o I might just go to staff and ask what's up before going through the stress of replacing what's probably upwards of 20 videos if not more.

EDIT 2: If you notice a page with broken video links, feel free to post it in a comment here, because a lot of them aren't showing on maintenance pages that should be listing them, so I might have trouble finding them all.

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