I'm thinking that for the entire month of November, barring anything stopping me, I'm going to try approximately every other day to edit one random article on this wiki to clean it up if it needs it. There are a lot of pages that could probably use some (or lots of) cleanup, so I feel like maybe this'll get me back into the "real" editing groove? Or if not at least I'm trying?

By random, I do mean truly random, though. I'll be pressing Special:Random then checking if the article has anything for me to do (from basic cleanup like wiping fanon and speculation, etc. to more extensive things like heavy spelling and grammar correction or complete rewrites). If I think I want to help a really specific article one day I might do that but most days I think I'll do the randomness? (Doing random also means I can come across pages I might not think to search or something.)

Feels like it'll be fun! Here's hoping?

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