The Ralph Breaks the Internet page is quickly becoming a collection of unsourced information (despite the box at the top declaring sources must be used when adding new info) and indiscriminate images (nothing against galleries, but the page is bloating quickly when we're adding every little image). I'm trying to finish a cleanup tag to place on the article while I figure out the best way to deal with the gallery issue, but I'll be much more quickly and completely dealing with the source issue by removing anything that isn't clearly sourced to a reliable source (that is, a source that supports a specific person actually being in the movie, hopefully including who they'll play and preferably showing they're more than, say, a bit part). Going forward, I'll continue the hardline stance on the sources for that page. It's very important to not just be every little thing but rather to be accurate. Quality over quantity, people.

I really want to help this wiki be great and respectable, but I can't do it alone!

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