Ofihombre Ofihombre 24 October 2019

An Indie Game Inspired on Wreck-It Ralph: Randy & Manilla

Maybe this won't have to do with the wiki, but having played many video games after watching the movie, I almost had this question: If Wreck-It Ralph makes references to the videogames, Why there aren't many videogames that make reference to Wreck-It Ralph? (As like Sweet Sweet Mountain from Mario Kart 8, that looks like Sugar Rush). And this is where I show a project that I am starting to develop:

Randy & Manilla is a game where is discovered a mysterious quantum cyber-universe hosted by Net-Cubes that contain virtual worlds with various genres of games.

That is the general description of the game, but what I'm going to find out is, How much does it have of Wreck-It Ralph?

The first clue, the title, it's obviously a reference, with the pixelated f…

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Ofihombre Ofihombre 23 November 2018

Great fan-animations of Wreck-It Ralph

When a new movie is announced (include Ralph Breaks the Internet), Websites such as Youtube, Twitter and others take advantage of the fashion of it with a host of memes, fanarts, and even videos. Most are resurfaced and mixed trailers and family-friendly trash, but nevertheless, there are a couple of videos, although not excellent in concept, they stand out for having a more fluid animation and it seems that they respect one of the principles of the essence of Wreck-It Ralph: a bad guy who gets between videogames as the main theme and spending more time with the cameo characters.

The first video is made by FuturisticHub, a channel famous for the videos of SpongeBob in Minecraft with ugly designs of the characters. Here Ralph is in a site of…

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Ofihombre Ofihombre 5 October 2018

The true villian of the sequel is the own Wreck-It Ralph

I come to say something important (surely spoiler), that the true villain of the sequel It's not Yesss or Double Dan, is the own Wreck-It Ralph getting into mess again. And I have been looking very carefully at the scene where they are being chased by a wave of viruses.

Apparently, in some of them, had a similar shape to Ralph, that is, that literally the virus is formed by a mass of clones of Wreck-It Ralph out of other games and other things. This could explain the question asked by Rich Moore in April 2014: Will there be other Ralphs, there will be more modern Ralphs?

It also explains why Ralph goes to the Darknet and meets Double Dan, for what we see in the background, is a secret laboratory that manufactures viruses that can threaten th…

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Ofihombre Ofihombre 3 September 2018

Swindle of the next trailer in September, 3

A day on Twitter, I saw the answers they gave in the tweets of director Rich Moore, and a guy named William Fairchild, he asked the next question: When will we get a new trailer for Ralph Breaks The Internet? And Rich Moore answered "SOON" with angry dog meme. 

And in that same meme it indicated that it would be the first monday (9/3/2018), and I was believe that the trailer is in the first monday of September, and come to the day I posted this blog, I realized that I was fooled by a simple tweet, and that first monday referred to the first monday of the JJOO. 

And you who think? Sure there a next trailer is on September, but not on monday.

Tweet Link: https://twitter.com/wfairchild72/status/1034524285392568320

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Ofihombre Ofihombre 20 July 2018

Ralph Breaks the Internet it's a bad proposal

Why the movie also includes the "Disney Princesses"? Why reason? for a very stupid reason, Vanellope is also a princess, even though she is also president, and both Disney and their fans have wanted to ignore this part. It all started at the end of the first part, when it was revealed that way, and according to the general rule of how to classify: Every woman who has been singing, with magic, speaks with animals, who was kidnapped or enslaved and whose problems were solved by men in the film, is classified as "Disney Princess" and it is mandatory to be in the merchandising group with the other princesses, and all were like that, with the exception of Mérida, that was classified with the real reasons of being a princess (being the daughter …

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