When a new movie is announced (include Ralph Breaks the Internet), Websites such as Youtube, Twitter and others take advantage of the fashion of it with a host of memes, fanarts, and even videos. Most are resurfaced and mixed trailers and family-friendly trash, but nevertheless, there are a couple of videos, although not excellent in concept, they stand out for having a more fluid animation and it seems that they respect one of the principles of the essence of Wreck-It Ralph: a bad guy who gets between videogames as the main theme and spending more time with the cameo characters.


WRECK IT RALPH VS MINECRAFT CHALLENGE! Ft. Sonic (Official) Ralph Breaks The Internet Animation

The first video is made by FuturisticHub, a channel famous for the videos of SpongeBob in Minecraft with ugly designs of the characters. Here Ralph is in a site of videogame portals like GTA, Fortnite, Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, Minecraft, and even Wi-Fi.

Sonic he kicks Ralph and enters the Minecraft game, where he meets Steve (the main character) and this is where Ralph messes up what he orders and makes disasters in the game.


Pacman vs Wreck it Ralph - Ralph breaks the internet

And the second video is made by Antonio Palmucci, an Italian channel also famous for the video of the monstrous Pac-Man vs numerous popular characters of various franchises. In this video, Ralph it has a much better and smoother animation than the previous video, it starts being a reference to the first Wreck-It Ralph movie, where after finishing the bad anonymous session, pick up some cherries on the way.

But the monstrous Pac-Man chases him for the cherry and Ralph flees as much as possible between stages of videogame series, from Pac-Man's own labyrinth to Bowser Castle.

In the end they are just ways to take advantage of the fashion of the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet, but they are given credit for their animation and as a consolation prize for those who have been disappointed because in the sequel is more focused on the Internet and princesses, and not so much in videogames.

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